Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tanzania plans to employ more magistrates

The government is planning to employ more magistrates to curb with the current shortages staff facing the judicial industry in the country, the Minister for Justice and Constriction Professor Palamagamba Kabudi has said. Prof. Kabudi was responding a question in parliament today which was raised by a special seat Gimbi Masaba (Chadema) who wanted to know when will the government build a regional court in Simiyu region. 

Minister for Justice and Constriction Professor Palamagamba Kabudi responding questions directed to his ministry in Parliament

Responding the question, Prof. Kabudi told the house that, the government is in the process to construct many courts in the country including the regional court in the newly established region of Simiyu. He said and added that, the government has also put in its strategic plans to reduce the work load of cases found in many courts in the country by increasing the employment of magistrates and judges in the country. Prof. Kabudi noted that, his ministry has already sent a request to the government employment agency to facilitate the move and give back the feedback during the coming financial year of 2018/19. He Also noted that, the construction of courts in the country will go alongside with the construction of a court houses in Ngara and Ukerewe districts which the minister noted that will be completed by 2020. Either minister Kabudi has confirmed that his minister would enhance training for the magistrates at Lushoto based judicial school so as to get more qualified trainees for the new posts.

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