Thursday, May 31, 2018

Malian president pleads for a French rescuer to return home

Malian president has promised a job to an immigrant from his country whose news stunned the world after he had saved a four year old male child in a storey building in Paris France two day ago. Mamoudou Gassama (24) an immigrant from Mali entered France in search of a job, has now been granted citizenship by the French government and also offered a job with a fire brigade company on orders issued by the French president His Excellency Emmanuel Macron. The French President granted him citizenship and offered a job to him in appreciation to what Gassama had done and said it was so peculiar that his government must appreciate the move. One day after the French President announced the offer to him, Malian president His Excellency Ibrahim Boubacar issued a statement of promise requesting for the a hero Gassama to come back to his country and work in the army. 


The Ambassador of Mali accredited in France Toumani Djime Diallo

Gassama saved a child who got stacked and was hanging precariously in the verandah of the fourth floor of a building in Paris city stunned the whole world from where Gassama received courage when the incident was televised through social media networks. The video showed him as he climbed over the stares which had no canopies only steps constructed near the windows and quickly reached up where a child was still clinging precariously and saved his life. While going up, he was being cheered by spectators who gathered at the back of the building looking at him as he go up like a military commander more courageously. The Ambassador of Mali accredited in France Toumani Djime Diallo talked to Gassama in his Embassy office in Paris and gave him a message of congratulations from his president and told him that, his president needed him return home and be given a work in the army.

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