Monday, May 14, 2018

Mgimwa presses for the fulfillment of a promise by Prime Minister

A Member of Parliament for Mufindi North Hon. Mohamed Hassan Mgimwa has expressed his disappointment over what he described as failure by the fifth phase government to implement the promise made by former Prime Minister Hon. Mizengo Pinda of Tshs. 290 million for constructing a water irrigation project in his constituency. Hon. Mgimwa raised his concern in parliament during questions and answers session and asked the minister for water to give satisfactory answer as to why the fifth phase government has failed to implement the promise by former premier which he issued in parliament three years ago. “Mr. Speaker, a promise is a debt, May I know right from the minister in charge of Water and Irrigation why the promise which was made by the former Prime Minister is not yet implemented”, he said. Responding to his query, the Minister for Water and Irrigation Hon.Eng. Isack Kamwelwe assured the legislator that, the water irrigation development schemes such as the one promised by the former premier is included among the projects currently going on and once the money is attained will be completed on time. Another supplementary question was raised by the legislator of Nzega constituency Hon. Hussein Bashe who also presented a similar problem to the Minister and who responded in general that, unless money is obtained from India.

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