Thursday, May 17, 2018

PM orders high cleanliness to be maintained in market places

As long rains are still going on in many parts in the country, Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has directed executives in district councils to set aside enough money in their budget as part of their responsibility in order to maintain cleanliness in market areas. The Premier issued the directives last week in parliament when answering impromptu questions earlier directed to him during a special session which lasts for 30 minutes only. He said that, “maintenance of cleanliness in places of work is an initiative which was introduced by President John Magufuli who decided on every Saturday should be observed as a special day of cleaning environment. The PM was responding a question from Busega legislator Raphael Chageni (CCM) who wanted to know that, district council authorities collects levies in their areas of jurisdiction, what is their role to ensure cleanliness is highly maintained in market areas. Her also noted that, the whole work must be coordinated in collaboration with health workers in order to ensure high efficiency.

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