Thursday, May 31, 2018

Plans are underway to build offices to look at quality of education to be built at district levels

The government has put in its plans to build about 50 offices in yet unidentified different district councils in the country whose task would be to control and look at the quality of education in public schools in a specific areas concerned. Unlike before, education inspectors had a very hard task of travelling throughout the country to visit schools and carry their work to ensure good quality of education was maintained in public schools in the country. The deputy minister for  education and vocational training William Ole Nasha said this week in parliament that the newly introduced system is set to work in a collaborative spirit and will involve education stakeholders bearing in mind the fact that it looks generally at the quality and not a mere inspection. 

Hawa Ghasia former cabinet minister during 4th phase government 

The deputy minister was responding to a question earlier raised by Mtwara rural legislator and a former cabinet minister Hawa Ghasia who wanted to know how the government has made efforts in strengthening the education capacity requirements to the newly established Nanyumbu district council. However, the minister could not mention the total cost of building for the said offices but insisted that once money would be made available, the construction will start with immediate effect. He has also cautioned staff to be assigned ti work in those offices should not work in command like what the police do, but mush work in collaboration with the people in the areas of their jurisdictions.

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