Thursday, May 31, 2018

National internship guidelines is in place, says the minister

The government has prepared a program that will guide graduates from higher learning institutions to undergo an in-house training at their places of work in order to increase their hands on skills and expertise for a particular job they will be obliged to undertake. The program is coordinated closely in collaboration with all employers and institutions which directly deals with employment activities with a view of providing work experiences to assign graduates fresh from schools and will take between 6 months and one year. 

The Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office responsible for policy, parliament, labour, youths, and employment and disabled Jenista Mhagama 

She said in parliament early this week when contributing answers to the question earlier directed to her ministry. The question which was raised by a special seat legislator Zainab Athuman Katimba (CCM) wanted a clarification of how the government helps those graduates to secure an employment opportunity once advertised and required only those with experiences and not otherwise. Responding to this, the minister Jenista said that, after the government had realized of the existing problem among the graduates, had no any options except to institute a program and linked it with the employers as well as institutions which deals with employment in the country. She said that, this is a guidance in order to help graduates fresh from higher learning institutions acquire short experiences while at their work places before being considered fully to run such experienced jobs.

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