Sunday, May 20, 2018

Uluguru mountains in Morogoro region to be conserved

The government has acquired USD 2.4 million (Tshs. 5 bn/-) to be used for the conservation  of the biodiversity surrounding the Uluguru mountains in Morogoro region, the deputy minister of State in Vice-President office responsible for environment and union matters Kangi Lugola has said. Lugola said in Parliament last week during question and answer sessions and has assured Members of Parliament that, the government will continue protecting the mountain as per of its initiative to conserve the environment in the country. The deputy minister was responding to a question earlier raised by a legislator Dr. Jasmini Kisekwa (CCM) who wanted to know steps taken by the government to ensure the environment of the Uluguru Mountains are maintained. The deputy minister noted that, the acquired money would help put the beacons in a move to prevent people from entering the conserved areas of the mountain and do human activities. He also noted that, part of the money would be spent to facilitate tree planting program so as to help conserve the ecology of the area as it is among the good source of the water fountain. In line with all these initiatives, the government has also directed the municipal authorities of the Morogoro municipal council to take drastic steps as per what was earlier directed by the government in accordance with the environment Act.

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