Wednesday, May 16, 2018

More police stations to be built in the country

The government has assured of its plans to accomplish the construction of 65 police stations which are to be built in the country including in newly established districts in the country, the deputy minister of Home Affairs Hamad Masauni has informed the parliament today. Masauni was responding to the question earlier raised by a special seat legislator Anna Richard Lupembe (CCM) who wanted to know when the government will build a police station for the newly established Mlele district which is in her Rukwa region. The deputy minister noted that, the aim of the government of constructing new police station is still there as earlier promised with a view to beef up security to its citizens and their properties. The deputy minister further noted that, the government has also put in its plans for the coming 2018/19 fiscal year to renovate dilapidated buildings in all old police stations including staff quarters so as to make police person el feel better as this is one way to improve their working environment. Masauni noted that, currently Tanzania has 167 police districts and out of those, only 127 have proper buildings an aspect which has made the police work in mysterious conditions which needs urgent improvements. However, he concluded that, other police stations which shall have not received the allocated budget for this program, will have to wait until money is obtained for the execution of the impeded projects.

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