Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No plan by government to introduce free dedication program in advanced secondary schools

The government has clearly stated that, it has no plans whatsoever of introducing free education program in advanced level of secondary education in the country, the deputy minister for Education and Vocational Training William Ole Nasha has said. The minister told the parliament today that, the fifth phase government is still going on with its plans of free education system from primary schools up to secondary school in Ordinary level as per what it had promised in the ruling party CCM manifesto during the general campaigns of 2015. In line with the program, the government is currently concentrating on the improvement of various infrastructures such as the building of toilet pits, renovation of class rooms, laboratories, water installation and many others as these are the main challenges, the deputy minister affirmed. The government has also put much efforts on the improvement of education curriculum and may be later on will embark to extend to the advanced level and this will depend on the availability of fund. The minister noted that, for the last two and half years of the existence of the fifth phase government and since free education program started in the country, student’s enrolment has increased by 84 percent. This is a tremendous increase indeed, the minister noted. The Minister was responding to a question earlier raised by Kondoa urban legislator Edwin Sanda (CCM) who wanted to know when the government will extend its free education program to the advanced secondary schools in the country.

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