Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ministry orders TANESCO to replace damaged electric poles

The ministry of Energy has ordered the management of the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) to quickly undertake drastic measures for the safety of the people in local communities through which the electricity transmission lines passes. The measures to be taken should go alongside replacing damaged electricity poles at this time around when heavy rains continue pounding and wreck havoc such infrastructures in various parts in the country. The rains which to a certain extent have stagnated the electrification projects in rural areas under phase III of the Rural Energy Agency (REA) has forced the ministry to rectify the losses incurred at an extra cost, the minister for Energy Dr. Medard Kalemani has said. Kalemani told the parliament today during morning sessions of answer and question that the constant dripping of the electric current which has occurred in some parts in the country is due to the damages occasionally caused by rains in its infrastructures. He said that, the persisting situation will not impend the government’s efforts which has targeted to accomplish all REA projects in all villages in the country by 2021. The minister was responding a question earlier raised by Korogwe urban legislator Mary Chatanda (CCM) who wanted to know how the ministry of energy is striving to curb with the incurring loses caused by the long rains in her constituency which continues to wreck havoc various infrastructures including those of electricity in most parts in the country. The minister noted that, under the third phase, the project will continue giving priorities to government’s properties such as dispensaries, health centres, schools and other public offices as required which are located in rural areas.

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