Thursday, May 31, 2018

Safety regulations must be observed at work places, says the minister

The government has reiterated its insistence to all employers in the country to make sure that are looking after the safety of their workers by providing working gears as a way of protection, the deputy minister of Trade and Industries has said. Eng. Stella Manyanya told the parliament early this week when responding ti a question earlier raised by the special seat legislator Latifa Hassan Chande (CCM) who wanted to know what special attention the government provides to industrial workers especially of cashew nut processing industries based in Mtwara. Responding to this question, the deputy minister Eng. Manyanya noted that, in line with safety regulations which employers and industrialists are required to abide with, employers are also required to join with Workers’ Compensation Fund (WCF) to help incase of emergencies. 

Salma Kikwete

She said that, all industries which were privatized in accordance with the law, must work and perform as in accordance with the government’s requirements. A supplementary question was raised by another  special seat former first lady Salma Kikwete (CCM) who necessitated the need of government to visit the southern based cashew nut industries in Lindi regions so as to see for the development taking place in these industries. Meanwhile, the deputy minister made it clear in the house that, the government has imported 135,000 tones of sugar to subsidize the current shortage of the commodity in the country at this time when fasting has started. Elaborating more on the fluctuation price rates of the commodity in Tanzania main land and Zanzibar, the minister noted that, there is a difference of taxations rates which has determined the wholesale price for bags in each country and noted that in Tanzania mainland a bag weighing 50 Kg is sold at between Tshs.101,000/- and Tshs. 105,000/- whereas in Zanzibar the same bag is fetched at between Tshs. 71,000/- and Tshs. 75,000/- respectively.

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