Sunday, May 27, 2018

Indigenous Tanzanians should not be harassed in places of work

The government has strongly warned all employers in the country who deprives indigenous Tanzanians over the employment positions which they offer and has directed them to employ foreigners on positions which Tanzanians are not qualified and not otherwise in accordance with the laid down rules. The Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa gave a directive last week in Parliament and said that, the government will continue to supervise big companies and some institutions to see if the country’s labour laws are strictly followed in order to protect the indigenous Tanzanians when it comes to employment status. The PM was responding to the question earlier directed to him by the special seat Leah Komanya (CCM) who wanted to know how the government has controlled the employment market in the country which to her seems to have been flooded by foreigners even in selected areas set for indigenous Tanzanians. The PM told the house that, the government is keenly making a follow up of foreign expatriates employment to see that there is a fair play between the indigenous and foreigners. He said Tanzanians must be given priority in every employment opportunities offered by any institutions in the country, should there be any position on which a Tanzanian cannot qualify, then such an institutions are allowed to seek for manpower from outside the country.

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