Monday, May 7, 2018

Cheating traders on edible oil to be monitored

The government has pledged to make a close monitoring in order to apprehend unscrupulous trade dealers on oil products with a view to protect oil cooking industries in the country. The initiative to be undertaken by the government has come amid reports that in some places in the country unscrupulous traders of cooking oil have relatively increased the price of oil products to a certain percentages causing crises among citizens in the country. Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said on Thursday last week in parliament when responding a question earlier raised by Arusha urban legislator Godless Lema (Chadema ) who wanted to know  from the premier what steps has the government take in order to curb unscrupulous traders who hike prices of cooking oil product in the country. Responding to this question, Premier Majaliwa noted that, the government has imposed heavy taxes on the imported oil products in order to protect local industries and in addition he has directed the ministry to make a follow up in order to stop such attitudes.

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