Thursday, May 17, 2018

Magufuli hails performances of two sectors, and displeased by two others

President Dr. John Magufuli has congratulated the ministry of Local Government and Regional Administration (TAMISEMI) for the commendable job it has shown towards maximizing efforts for the development of health and education sectors respectively. The president has also been disappointed by the performances resulting into poor supervision shown by water sector in its various projects going on in the country, and land sector on land issues and cities development programs. A press statement issued recently by the Director of State House Communications Gerson Msigwa said that, “the head of state has noted that since 2010 the government has dished out Tshs. 109 billion to facilitate water projects in various places in the country”. 

But to the great dismay, investigations carried out in these reports has shown that all projects performed shows that only Tshs. 17 billion has been spent so far. In view if this, in order to ward off the existing disparities the head of state has ordered all water experts in all district councils should be supervised directly by the Permanent Secretary of the ministry of Water and Irrigation. Likewise, all land and town planning experts from all district councils in the country should be supervised by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements so as to strengthen supervision and other activities being carried out by the two departments and take to task all the concerned whenever a project is seen to be staggering. The statement said that, the president is worried about the performances as this is as a result of poor performances causing lots of grievances among the local community members who complain of lack of water supply which are supervised by water engineers of the district councils.

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