Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bagamoyo ruins to be promoted

The government has seen its need to promote tourist attractions which are found n Bagamoyo town this time around when it has realized the percentage rate of a sudden drop of the tourism trade in the town which has come down from 12 percent to 3 percent for the last two years. Either the government has stopped with immediate effect the destruction of old structures in the town so as to maintain its building plan status for tourist attractions purposes, the deputy minister for Tourism and Natural Resources Japhet Asenga said last week in parliament during its question and answer session. 

Ruins in Bagamoyo town

The minister was responding a question which was earlier raised by a special seat legislator Mariam Salum Msabah (CCM) who wanted to know plans by government to promote tourist trade in Bagamoyo town. He said the government in collaboration with the Board of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) together with the Board of Tourism at the ministry headquarter has put down strategies in order to improve the Bagamoyo town which is among the oldest towns in eastern coast of Africa. The town has been given a unique heritage by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for its famous tourist sites. He said despite having impressive tourist attractions, the government lacks money to advertise the town that used to be the gateway of slave trade in eastern coast of Africa by Arab traders in early 18th centuries. The legislator had accounted for low business transactions at tourist hotels in the town have deteriorated an aspect that the area looks like a deserted tourist hubs along the eastern coast of Africa.

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