Sunday, May 27, 2018

Wami bridge to be constructed in two lanes carriage

The government has put in its budget to construct two lanes over the Wami bridge which h is in Wami river in Tanga region, the minister of Works, Transport and Communications Professor Makame Mbarawa has said. Prof. Mbarawa noted this mid last week when being interviewed by the Independent Television (ITV) during its 45 minutes TV program which is being aired in every Wednesday.
He said, the bridge which had been constructed by colonialists was designed with one way passage which was built over an aspect that renders some difficulties to allow the passage of two vehicles at a time. Prof. Mbarawa noted that, it has become difficult for two vehicles to pass each other on a single lane an aspect that it causes a traffic jam as incoming vehicles have to wait for a certain time for one from one side to pass and this is time wasteful.
The professor noted that the government has put in its strategic plans to construct bridges into modern standards so as to accomplish its quest of spearheading the industrialization programs in the country.                          

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