Sunday, May 20, 2018

Minister to implement president’s directives on water projects in the country

The Minister for Water and Irrigation Eng. Isack Kamwelwe has directed authorities in all district councils in the country to get prepared to work on new changes introduced by President Dr. John Magufuli over the implementation of public water projects going on in their areas of jurisdiction. The minister was contributing to the debate in parliament last week during question and answer session about water scarcity raised by legislators of various constituencies. Minister Kamwelwe has assured Members of Parliament that, he has planned to convene a meeting with the executives in all district councils to inform them of the newly introduced administrative changes of monitoring public water projects. He said that, as per the new changes made by President a week ago, has given more power to the Permanent Secretary in his ministry to link directly with the district councils in monitoring of the public water projects in respective areas. 

Before that, all these projects were monitored and supervised by the water engineers from the district levels who reported directly to the District Executive Directions (DEDs) on the impending development about the project. He said the purpose of this newly administrative change is to ensure an effective monitoring system of public water projects closely by the ministry officials and give new updates immediately bearing in mind the fact that water is a most important commodity for human life. Earlier the deputy minister in the ministry Jumaa Aweso responded to a question raised by Ukonga legislator Mwita Waitara (Chadema) over the scarcity of water in his constituency and promised to solve the existing problems once enough money is available. He also noted to accomplish the water projects at Kigamboni constituency and other wards within Dar es Salaam region.

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