Monday, May 21, 2018

Govt directs village leaders to be given physical exercises on body training

The government has directed all district councils authorities to set aside in their annual budget allocations to facilitate physical body training to village executives to enable them work more efficiently. The directive has been issued last week in Dodoma in Parliament by the deputy minister of State in president’s office Joseph Kakunda when answering a question earlier raised by Njombe urban legislator Edward Mwalongo (CCM). The legislator wanted to know the governments’ strategy of giving any training to village executives such like a militia training so as to make them work more efficiently and produce more effectively. Responding to such a question, the deputy minister Kakunda said that, village executives are like other civil servants and are aught to be given such trainings as part of their in-service training as per the civil service Act. He noted that, during the 2016/17 financial year, about 1,840 village executives were given such a training that included good governance, corruption, HIV/AIDS trainings in places of work and many others. He also added that, as from July last year to March this year about 1,543 village executives have been given such trainings of different kinds. He said executives who have ever undergone for the militia training like the National Services, are also aught to undergo such trainings, and insisted that, for those who have not yet been trained then they should be trained as quick as possible. Concerning with the issue of remunerations and lack of competent village executives in the country, the deputy minister noted that the government will continue improving their status in every allocated budget while concentrating issuing more employment opportunities in order to get better workers.

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