Thursday, May 31, 2018

Eleven Tanzanians charged with raping in South Africa are set free

The Johannesburg based resident magistrate’s Court in South Africa has set free eleven Tanzanians earlier accused of allegedly raping a Zimbabwean woman. The accused had been arraigned in court presided over by judge Metisie and accused of abducting a woman named Thelma Mondowa a Zimbabwe national whom they conspicuously raped three years ago. An advocate of the prosecution side yesterday told the court that Mndowa who is a complainant in the case decided to return to Zimbabwe when the hearing of the case started and therefore, the prosecution side had failed to get her contacts for communication to get more details about the matter. 

The accusations read before the court noted that, the incident occurred in May 15th 2015 three years ago along a famous street No: 270 of Lilian Ngoyi in downtown Johannesburg.  Police became aware of an incident when the house maid of a complainant had telephoned them and went straight up to the scene quickly. On reaching to the scene, a contingent of ten police officers stormed into a house where the incident was alleged to be taking place and found the accused were busy raping her one after the other by rotation and saved a woman whom they rushed to hospital.

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