Thursday, May 31, 2018

EFD machines to be supplied by government alone

The government has cut off the tender it had  given to agents for the supply of its Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs) and instead it will do the work straight away to prospective customers in the country. The Deputy Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Ashatu Kijaji said early this week in parliament that, the government has withdrawn the supply for having accounted for the losses it incurred from suppliers of these electronic devices. Without mentioning the specific losses the agents caused, the minster noted that, newly registered customers in need of such machines will have them through Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).  She said all tax payers must be in possession of these devices so as to keep their up-to-date financial records without manipulation. The Minister was responding to the question earlier raised by Nsimbo legislator Richard Phillip Mbogo (CCM) who wanted to know the trend of government and the use of the EFD machines which he said do not last longer and lost records an aspect that it is impossible to keep records of tax payers.

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