Sunday, May 27, 2018

Construction of police stations to be completed in this financial year budget

The Minister of Home Affairs Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba has said that, all police stations whose construction got stacked due to financial squeeze in various parts in the country will be completed in the coming financial year budget of 2018/19. Dr. Mwigulu assured Members of Parliament last week when clarifying his point over the construction of various police stations an issue which was raised by various legislators during question and answer session. 

He said that, the government has got prepared to end up queries related with insufficient number of police stations in many places earlier designed for the allocation of this important social amenity which looks after the safety of the citizens in the country. Earlier a legislator of Kilwa South Vedasto Ngombale (CUF) wanted to know plans by government to build a police station at Kipatimu division within his constituency and another which is located at Nanjilinji also in Kilwa were under construction but had stacked for lack of money. Responding to this question, the deputy minister for Home Affairs Hamad Masauni noted that, the two police stations were amongst those ones whose construction had stacked and the government has promised to complete in this year’s financial year.

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