Thursday, May 17, 2018

TPDC to connect gas users in the country

The government through its sole petroleum development company (TPDC) has started to connect gas users to be supplied in industries and individual houses in various places in the country. The deputy minister of Energy Subira Mgalu has informed the parliament today that, currently most people are using the liquefied gas which is being imported by private traders into the country. The minister was responding to the question during questions and answer session in Parliament today as earlier raised by a legislator Zainabu Mndolwa (CUF) who wanted to know the extent to which Tanzania is using its own gas. 

Kawe legislator (Chadema) Halima Mdee gestures as she makes a point in Parliament

The deputy minister said that, the gas project is going on in the country under the Japanese assistance through its development agency (JICA) and that about Tshs. 140 million has been set aside for the use of the gas in the country. The deputy minister also responded a supplementary question raised by Kawe legislator (Chadema) Halima Mdee who wanted to know why government is embarking on the construction of the Stigler Gorge while the project for Mtwara gas is not complete. Responding to the question, the minister noted that, as the country is championing the industrialization drive, i]t need to have an abundant megawatts of the electricity to be supplied and the excess megawatts be sold outside.

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