Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sexual molestation cases increases to 41,419

Reported issues on child abuse as well sexual molestation which are being practiced in the country have reached to 41,419, the government has said. The Deputy Minister for Health and Community Development, Elderly and children Dr. Faustine Ndugulile said last week in parliament during question and answer session. He said from the demographic figures given, about 13,453 are reported cases targeted to all forms of child abuse whereas the remaining 27,966 have been reported for sexual harassments on women including raping. 

The minister was responding to a question earlier raised by a Special Seat legislator Mwantumu Dau Haji (CCM) who wanted to know of various steps taken by the government in order to curb the increased violent acts shown against women and children in the country. The deputy minister said that, his ministry has put in place strategic measures and work closely with the security agents including the police to make sure that such acts are eradicated completely. He said that, his ministry has opened one stop centres in various hospitals in the country such as Amana hospital in Dar es Salaam, Kahama in Shinyanga and Mbeya hospital in Mbeya city and many others. He said the role of these centres will be to receive the injured or the victims of child abuse and women who have been raped in order to get initial treatment before taken to police for further investigations. In addition to these measures, the deputy minister has appealed to the general public to report immediately once they witness such malpractices are done contrary to the laws.

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