Tuesday, May 29, 2018

UNDP representative speaks about roles of youths over unemployment

The UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the United Republic of Tanzania Alvaro Rodriguez has urged Tanzania youths to effectively participate in various economic development and never should they keep on waiting for people to make it for them. He has also cautioned youths not to blame the government and the international community on issues of employment and instead should they ask themselves what they have done to the society in which they live. He said that, in a country like Tanzania whereby two thirds of its population is composed of youths, they shouldn’t expect to be employed all or be given jobs because of their number which is greater than the opportunities available. He said the current unemployment rates cannot be solved by the government or donors as it keeps on increasing highly and so it is imperative for youths to think of other means of employing themselves. Speaking at a youth forum for AIESEC at the National Museum auditorium over the weekend, the coordinator said that youths are supposed to participate in almost everything and should they desist from blaming the government or the international community for failure of acquiring jobs. However, he insisted that it is high time now that youths should discuss global targets, opportunities available and the various challenges facing their daily activities. The global targets are most important issues for Tanzania, Africa and the world as a whole and this agenda is aimed at bringing positive changes by ensuring that no one is left behind in its implementations”, he said and added that there are 17 targeted issues for development which need be discussed by youths. 

He noted that, by looking at the various economic opportunities, youths must be involved and this is an indication which proves that youths are implementing the set targets and not escorting others. Either he noted that, being youthful are required to be innovative and creative enough in their places of work and ensure that they gain much more. However, he cited an eighteen year old youth who innovated a robot which was made from the remains of the household materials and was posted on his twitter network account, saying that is a good example. He said the future plan of the world does not depend on the Bible or Curran wholly books so in view of this, youths need to think in broader perspective in order to succeed in everything. He said in order to reach at a stage of eradicating poverty stricken levels by 2030, it is better for youths to make use of the remaining period diligently to look at the set 17 targets and see how they can participate effectively. Speaking about the power of the information networks, Aklvaro urged youths to select most important things fir their development and never should they engage in matters which at the end would plunge them into a mutual of misunderstanding amongst themselves. In that forum which was led by him, also there were other speakers who included the President of AIESEC Tanzania Amani Shayo, the Resident Director of Trade Mark East Africa, John Ulanga and the Managing Director of the Empower Miranda Naiman. All the said speakers strongly urged youths to stand firm to be part of their successes. The secretariat of the youth forum (AIESEC) was sponsored by the United Nations in collaboration with CRDB Bank, Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) and the Empower Ltd.

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