Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Damaged infrastructural upgrades to be repaired when rains have stopped

The government has assured Members of Parliament from the constituencies whose infrastructures have been badly damaged by rains that, it will make repairs later on when the long rains are over, the deputy minister for works, Transport and Communications has said. Elias John Kwandikwa said in parliament last week in Dodoma during question and answer session that, the government is yet to make an assessment of the losses caused by rains at this time when rains are still pounding in various places in the country. However, he noted that, the government will form a committee to evaluate losses caused and after which will embark on the necessary repairs as soon as possible. 

Elias John Kwandikwa 

The minister was responding a supplementary question which was raised by Nyamagana legislator Stanslaus Mabula (CCM) who wanted to know plans by the government in making repairs of the damaged roads in Mwanza city which have been caused by the long rains currently going on in the country. Another supplementary question was raised by Joseph Selesini (Chadema) who wanted to know when the government would pay compensation to the people of his constituency Rombo whose structures had been earmarked to pave the way for the construction of a tarmac road from Rombo to Mwaisola and the   deputy minister assured a legislator that, the process of settling their payment is complete. Earlier, the Arusha urban legislator Godless Lema (Chadema) raised a question with a view to know if the government had paid a compensation to its people to pave way for the construction  of a great road to be constructed from Arusha-Holili  and Taveta which is known as Arusha Bypass. In response, the deputy minister had assured the legislator that already Tshs 21.1 bn/- had been paid to the 762 people and that an additional payment of compensation will be made later to those who had their structured valued for the second time.

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