Thursday, May 10, 2018

Political rallies are allowed with special permit, says the minister

The government has refuted claims that it has prevented all political rallies from taking place in any places in the country, and instead such meetings are allowed to take place with special permit to be issued by the authorities concerned for security reasons. he Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister's office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled Hon. Anthony Peter Mavunde said in Parliament today when answering a supplementary question during questions and answer session. Earlier a Member of Parliament for Rombo constituency Hon. Joseph Selesini (CHADEMA) raised a supplementary question why the government has suspended public political rallies, a situation which has been directed to members of the opposition parties only. Earlier, a legislator Abdallah Haji Ally (CUF) asked a question with a view to know that, there has been some acts of dishonesty being shown by the government of CCM to members of the opposition especially CUF members whose political activities have been  halted. Responding to the question, the deputy minister said that, any political party  which is need to mobile its activities, must seek for a special permission which is granted by security agents including the police in order for the peace and harmony to prevail and not otherwise. He noted that, since the introduction of the multi-partism democracy in the country, there has been an increase of 19 political parties, voter’s registration has increased, people have been given the democracy to choose their won leaders as well as there has been an increase of productivity in public sectors.

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