Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When a driver violates traffic rules

In Dar es Salaam city, drivers have to drive carefully and with great caution bearing in mind the fact that, there is a long que of vehicles almost in all major roads bursting within the city and even through those ones bursting out to the city’s outskirts. One incident occurred recently at a commuter bus stop when a taxi driver car’s battery had no power of starting his car and in order to get through, he had to hire fellow driver with another car to come nearby in order to help him boost up his car’s battery. Without knowing that, the exercise would take a length of time, traffic jam was caused an aspect that forced the incoming vehicles to strand on a daytime drizzling atmosphere. This was at a commuter bus stop known as “Baridi” which is located opposite Peacock Hotel at the centre of the main business district.

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