Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bomb explosions that caused panic and fear

I was among the affected people in the area, I am residing close to the areas which in one way of another were wrecked havoc by these bombs. It was around 20:15 when I had just come from taking shower from the bathroom and was getting prepared to sit down watching news bulleting from my Television set as a normal routine, when I had a loud blast that, made me to panic. I wondered what was it as I looked to the direction from where it sounded. I immediately knew it was a bomb which had blasted or if not so, might have been set to destroy the enemy at such unlikely time. The military camp is located just about 2 kilometers away from the area. As people began to move in panic, there were a series of other bombs blasting one after the other. We could see a glittering light in the air coming from the military direction then followed by a loud blast that caused fear.

A young boy looking at a missile that had missed fire and fell over the electric transmission lines and cut down the wires from the electric poles. Several of them were picked around the area by the military task force later. About 1,120 pieces of bombs were picked from the mostly devastated areas.

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