Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bomb explosions that caused panic and fear

Some, but few houses around my area were completely destroyed while others got a wall crack which occurred as a result of large sounds emanating from the blasts which according to military offers were BM, Rocket rounger and other types that could not be defined immediately. Children got lost and were unfound after two to four days. When all was quite, people started to return back to their houses which were left unlocked by their owners. As I was seated in my house, one neighbour came as he was passing by going to his house. He greeted me as a way to know my condition and told him all was well. Then I joined him to move around to see what had happened to other neighbours. We found none had his/her house destroyed other than one neighbour whom we all know by his son’s name “Baba Assu” had his house destroyed completely. Now his family is sustained under two tents which were provided by the Disaster Management team from the Prime Minister’s office. About 79 families are currently living under the tents as they wait for the government to rebuild their destroyed houses.

They later walked around pondering over what to do after this aftermaths.

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