Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Gongo La Mboto bomb blast that caused panic, fear, great horror and sorrow to the people around.

ON 16th of February 2011 is a day which cannot be forgotten easily by residents of Gongo la Mboto and other suburbs surrounding the area of it. A moment of panic and sorrow struck the atmosphere that night as most people were preparing to calm down in their sitting rooms to hear news of the day from their television sets, while others were getting prepared for the last meals of the day which they had already prepared and couldn’t eat. But all of a sudden the atmosphere was struck and polluted by the so-called bomb smokes as a result of explosions which occurred from their amoury where they had been kept in a nearby military camp NO: KJ511. A continuous explosions caused panic and horror that made almost everybody to flee in all directions from their residences to unknown destinations, but it was all meant to find a safe place in order to save their lives. Many people were injured while running away and about 22 people lost their lives. Most people took to their heels as far as National stadium 15 kilometers away from the area where they slept

People looking in disbelief a devastated house of their neinghbour that belonged to one person known by many as ‘baba Assu’ at Kipunguni “B” in Markaz area in Gongo la Mboto division, the area was among the destroyed areas by the recent bomb blast that rocked the air.

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