Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bomb explosions that caused panic and fear

Almost everybody around fled while the fearless ones took refuge near their houses and laid down prostrate on the ground leaving behind everything in their unlocked houses. As I was strolling slowly around with unbelievable eyes, I heard the voice of someone who was urging the fleeing people who by then were running in great pursuit “don’t run, just lie down” the voice went on saying severally to the fleeing group of people who passed along his house. It was Mzee Masatu Mfungo, a retired military officer who served the military for the last 35 years. Major Masatu was once an in-charge officer at the military camp in early 1980s before his retirement from the force in 2005. Because of his long experience in the military force and the use of these bombs, therefore he is very much familiar with the camp and its surrounding. People obeyed him and I also joined the group who at last resort to gather in front of his house in a large compound whereby we all lied down until the blasts subsided.

The photo story tells itself, one shows a missile that missed direction and another one two bothers peeps through the window of their devastated house that morning.

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