Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bomb explosions that caused panic and fear

The next day news about the bombs began to spread about, death tolls and the injured were known later. I was telephoned in the afternoon by someone, a close relative of mine who informed about the tragic deaths of a fellow villager who had lost his wife and two children, and another one who lost a daughter. So in total were four which later were transported to their ancestral home for burial. This is Jacob Nyanjiego who for this incident had a great sorrow for that. THE Lord has given and the Lord has taken, so says the Bible. But this seemed to be too much for Mr Jacob Nyajiego (49) who lost his wife as well as two daughters. It was all grief on 20th day of February, three days after the bomb explosions at the home of Mr Nyajiego at Mzambarauni area, where hundreds of mourners turned up to pay last respects to their departed neighbours.

On the next day, reports by the media alerted people around that other bombs would explode again, so because of this news most people vacated their homes and took refuge to unknown destinations. The daladala found it a booming business as some other fleeing passengers went on board their buses.

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