Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bomb explosions that caused panic and fear

Three caskets carrying the remains of Rose Nyajiego (34) as well as Clementina (3) and Stellah (3 months) were placed before the crowd of grief-stricken mourners, who braced scorching sun to follow up a Requiem Mass said by Ukonga’s Roman Catholic Parish Priest, Father Stephano Nyelawila. The mood was sombre, with some mourners, mostly women breaking down in tears after paying their last respects to the deceased. The three family members died after a concrete slab fell on them when one of the bombs hit a house they had run to for safety. During the burial ceremony, Mr Nyajiego was apparent the saddest man, keeping his head down throughout the burial ceremony, much as he appeared composed. I observed hundreds of mourners at the funeral, including relatives, neighbours, leaders of political parties as well as journalists among others who turned up to cover the event as it was declared to be a national mourning day for the Gongo La Mboto bomb explosions victims.

A woman looking at a pit nearby her house which was dug by a flying bomb that landed on the ground. The bomb was later on retrieved by the military task force group.

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