Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The astonishing presence of monkeys from a nearby national park

POLICE at Magu based control check point along Mwanza-Musoma-Tarime main road are sometimes aught to take care of the roaming monkeys who emerge from a nearby Serengeti National park. The presence of these monkeys astonishes some passengers especially strangers who travels in a bus while standing for a while at the main police control check point for inspection before are allowed to continue with the journey through. A spot check by this writer witnessed recently a scores of them walking in groups along the road as though are looking for something to devour. Their presence does not only cause a fascinating look, but also a great threat to passengers on board when turned fury. Some monkeys who invades the area sometimes tend to create havoc to passengers who enjoys taking a glimpse at them through bus windows, threatening them to ripe apart their valuable properties and other documents in their possession.

Monkeys from a nearby Serengeti national park, roaming about along the main road near the control police check point at Magu in Mwanza region.

The increasingly aggressive animals swing effortlessly between the police offices who seem to be accustomed with them and nobody takes no action to curb with them including the police for fear of the animals’ law that protects them as national properties. Some people who happens to look at them are surprised and asks for themselves as to why the ministry of tourism does not provide any protection for them and leaves them to roam about outside the national park. But Experts from the Ministry of Tourism have once cautioned transporters who travels along the main roads that passes through national parks that, “they must ensure that, their passengers do not dare to throw anything to the animals like monkeys who seem to be friendly to human beings for fear of being endangered by chemically contained edible things they carry along with them”. Interviewed animal rights activists say the main problem is not the rising number of monkeys but their presence might be linked to their search of something crucial for their life resulting from any shortage of anything like the problem of water emanating from their wildlife conservation areas.

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