Thursday, December 12, 2013

TANESCO in move to revamp electricity infrastructural upgrades in Dar

Minister for Energy and Minerals Professor Sospeter Muhongo
POOR availability of the electricity infrastructures and failure of the sub-stations to supply enough electricity entirely, the two factors have been cited as among the basic reasons leading to a constant electricity power cuts in most parts of Dar es Salaam city suburbs, the Parliament has been informed  The Minister for Energy and Minerals Professor Sospeter Muhongo yesterday said in Parliament that, the government is currently doing rehabilitation work on old and dilapidated electricity infrastructures in the city in order to ward off the situation. He was responding to a supplementary question by Mariam Kisanji (CCM) Special seat, who wanted to know reasons why there has been frequent electricity power cuts in some parts of the city of Dar es Salaam a situation which she said has been inconveniencing electricity consumers especially business people and office works. Professor Muhongo noted that, the government through Tanzania Electricity Company Ltd (TANESCO) has so far taken drastic measures in a bid to reduce the situation and outlined efforts currently being undertaken in order to bring the situation to normal. He said that, the government is doing an extension work on its available five sub-stations and has built other five. However, he clarified that the government is also installing big transformer machines so as to increase generating power volts in various stations in the city such as in Oyster bay, City Centre, Kariakoo, Buguruni, Gongo La Mboto, Kigamboni  and Mbezi Beach. Elaborating on the history of the TANESCO since its establishment in 1964, he said the firm has been using the infrastructures left by the colonial government which are now old and needs to be replaced to revamp its production capacity. “There is no way the infrastructures which were built in 1964 must be rehabilitated or removed and replaced with modern ones in order to pave a smooth way for the electricity transfer” he said adding that, to reduce frequent power cuts, the government has to incur extra expenses in order to bring the situation to normal. Earlier, the Abbas Zuberi Mtemvu (CCM) Temeke, wanted a clarification during questions and answer session from the minister of Energy and Minerals why has there been a frequent power cuts in his constituency area of  Tameke, prior to the notification as per the rule set by TANESCO. In clarification, the Deputy Minister for Energy George Simbachawene said that, currently there is a big project going on in the city of Das res Salaam of Tanzania Energy Development and Access Expansion project (TEDAP) which on its completion would stop the impending electricity problem in the city of Dar des Salaam. He noted that, the project involves the construction of 51.7 kilometer for the 135 Kilovolt from Ubungo to Kurasini , Kipawa, Mbagala and Gongo La Mboto suburbs in the city of MVA 50, 132/33KV which would  be built in Gongo La Mbotio, Kurasini and Mbagala respectively. The project is expected to end in June 2015. He further noted that, the government is also constructing a new sub station at Kisutu underv the support of the Finland government. On kits completion, the station would receive power from Ilala and Makumbusho  suburbs through underground cables and supply it to the respective user points.

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