Saturday, December 7, 2013

MPs want Tanzanian leaders not to revenge

MEMBERS of Parliament yesterday frowned upon national leaders who have the habit of revenging against fellow leaders or individual persons, calling them to have heartfelt attitude of pardoning them once they feel might have been offended in one way or another by them. Contributing in a special resolution to honour the passing away of the iconic South African first black president Nelson Mandela in parliament yesterday, the law makers have called upon some leaders in the country to emulate the social character that, the late Mandela shown when released from prison and later became the President of the black majority government of South Africa. They have hailed his attitude saying that is an example which has to be emulated by some of African leaders who have the tendency of molesting other people just because of the powers vested upon them. They have noted indeed that, despite of the most sufferings the late Mandela experienced while in prison for a couple of 27 years, still he couldn’t dare to take actions against the white minority officials of the then Apartheid regime to which he strongly opposed. Engineer Habibu Mnyaa (CUF) said that, Tanzania has a reason to boast itself and learn more from the late Nelson Mandela. Citing an example in Zanzibar and Pemba which he said since the revolution, the two Islands have been living in isolation and with great hate which he says still exist among them. He noted that, there is a great enmity between the two islands whose leaders he said have no heartfelt of pardoning their fellows just the same way Nelson Mandela did when he was released from prison. He gave an example and cited the First Zanzibar’s President the late Abeid Karume who totally loved the Pemba islanders, but to the great dismay, his successors have been so against the Pemba islands as if are not part of the revolutionary government. Margreth Mkanga (CCM) hailed the late Mandela and his generosity which he showed especially in his characters which he described was very humble and more respective to everyone around. She noted that, maintain peace and harmony. She has described the late Mandela as savior of the world, just the same way as Jesus did in the Holy Bible noted that, Mandela spirited his heartfelt attitude and wherever he went and whatever he did, he used to pardon his bad people and unified the South Africans. She is therefore appealing to the country’s national leaders especially at this time when the country is in process of making its own Constitution tom put aside their differences and turn into a national unity. Hezekia Wenje (Chadema) noted that, Tanzanians have lost a great friend who cherished most of his life to unify South Africans, and even if when he became a President could not dare to revenge the past sufferings he underwent while serving a life sentence in Reuben Island off the coast of South Africa. He said the late Mandela has indeed left a lesson to Africans and urged others to emulate him as he did not show a grudge against fellow opponents in political arena. He however, noted that he is a true African who showed a good role model and not an hypocrite. David Kafulila (NCCR-Mageuzi) said that Tanzania has to learn in terms of many from the late Mandela. He described him as a person who fought against tribalism, racial discrimination, religious affiliations and many others and strongly concentrated on the rights of Africans. Mahadhi Juma Maalim (CCM) has described the late Mandela as a hero who stood firm to defend Africa, the attitude which Tanzanians have to emulate. He said that, the late Mandela was against the Apartheid and not Europeans living in South Africa. Tanzania has to be in the forefront to emulate him for being in the forefront during the struggle of the liberation of South African territories; in addition to that, the late Mandela showed enthusiasm and thanked Tanzanian government for his contribution towards the liberation struggle of African countries, and in view of this Tanzanian leaders have to follow his footsteps.

Son of Africa, the late Nelson Mandiba Mandela who died on 6th December 2013 at the age of 95 years. May the almighty lord God rest his soul in internal peace. Amen

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