Thursday, December 12, 2013

Govt: Report discriminative acts to the responsible organ

THE Government has directed local workers employed in tourist hotels in the country to immediately report any acts of discrimination shown against them by foreigners while on duty, the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources Lazaro Nyalandu has said. The call by the government t has come following complaints by some local workers employed in some tourist hotels in the country who have been complaining about how foreigners have been discriminating them as though are not citizens of this country. Minister Nyalandu issued a directive in Parliament yesterday in response to a supplementary question by Magdalena Sakaya (CUF) special seat who wanted to know how far the government has ensured the safety of local workers in tourist hotels who have been complaining about the increased discriminative acts shown to them. He has however, directed the affected victims to report to the responsible government organs of all discriminative acts shown by foreigners to locals in their places of work without fear so that legal action is taken against them The Minister has also cautioned those who are alleged to be directly practicing such an attitude like an anti-social behavior which denounces African culture, to be careful and stop the habit which he said is against the Tanzania law as the nation does not have pigmentation of any racial discrimination among its citizens.
Tanzania's deputy minister for Tourism and natural resources

Earlier the Chadema legislator wanted to know what plans does the government have in order to ensure that there should be cheap and make affordable hotels within the National Parks so that low income Tanzanians are able to afford during their regular visits in these national parks. Before her question was answered, the legislator explained a bit about the accommodation as seen in various lodges built within various national parks and said that, these have been categorized in two major areas namely lodges and Campsites. In permanent accommodation, the national parks owns only on accommodation services which are regarded as hostels and rest houses. Responding to a legislator’s query, Nyalandu said that, the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) charges the lowest prices to locals who are in need of getting accommodation in areas which are dominated by the organization. Currently the cost of accommodation in most rest houses within the park is between Sh. 20,000 and Sh. 50,000 depending on the type of a rest house, this he said is quite affordable to local Tanzanians who visit the park. Either he said that, to book for the accommodation in temporary tourist camps for adults is between Sh. 5,000 and Sh. 15,000 depending on the type of the camp. For children aged between 5 and 16 are charged between Shs., 2,500 and Sh. 7,500 respectively, while children under 5 years are free and not charged at all. Meanwhile TANAPA is planning to add  some more rest houses in order to add value to Tanzanians who visits the parks.

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