Saturday, February 17, 2018

Shoddy construction by contractors to put them in troubles

Always people do appreciate good jobs done by contractors, but wherever there are shoddy construction of a development project, people must frown upon. This means that the use of tax payers money is of the most greatest importance once out in use and as a result of which gets whatever could come out.  in view of this, on Friday this week, the Prime Minister  Kassim Majaliwa has ordered the arrest and arraigning of contractors and consulting engineers for three water projects in Buchosa District, over shoddy work that caused massive losses of public funds. The Premier gave the directive after receiving a report on the substandard implementation of the said projects for the past four years, which are not realising value for money invested. The projects worth over 1bn/- have not been fully operational with reports, saying the contractors installed substandard pipes which cannot withstand pressure of water leading to frequent bursts. “We cannot tolerate this situation any further, while people are suffering. These people must be arrested wherever they are and booked for causing these massive losses,” he said. Mr Majaliwa directed the Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr John Mongela, to immediately communicate with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) after learning that some of the files on the scandal are still with the DPP for some procedures. The revelation came after the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) Commander for Mwanza Region, Mr Ernest Makale, told the Prime Minister that the saga on water projects was under investigation, with DPP already working on the files, with the involved culprits being brought before the court while other files were still under DPP’s probe. Mr Majaliwa earlier put the foundation stone at Buchosa District Hospital whose construction, including staff houses, will cost 10.5bn/- upon commissioning. The Sengerema District Commissioner (DC), Mr Emmanuel Kipole, said the hospital will benefit more than 350,000 residents who are today forced to walk long distances to access referral services in Sengerema, about 35km away. On health services, Mr Majaliwa said all leaders are tasked to mobilize villagers for the construction of dispensaries, whilst the district councils support by supplying materials, technical support and standardization. He also tasked officers to ensure timely supply of drugs to dispensaries and health centres since the government had set aside enough budget for medicines with Buchosa District Council being allocated over 200m/- for drugs. On roads, Mr Majaliwa said the sector was well supplied citing the establishment of the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) to oversee all rural road infrastructures. For this financial year, TARURA has set aside over 800.3m/- for three crucial roads, while the Tanzania National Road Agency (TANROADS) has also set aside 1.3bn/- for the 78km major road to be constructed to the tarmac level.

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