Monday, February 26, 2018

Magufuli ceases plans of allocating structures built close to Mwanza airport

In every development plans put in place especially when constructing roads or railways, people’s structure which h are closer normally are removed to pave trghe way for the construction to take on. But iut has become a difficult task in Mwanza whereby President Joihn Magufuili has promised to solve problems that cripples the efficiency of Mwanza Airport, but categorically insisted that his government cannot hastily order 1,900 households to vacate the area over alleged encroachment. The Head of State made his stand yesterday when he arrived at the airport on his way to Chato, in Geita Region, for a brief stay before heading back to Dar es Salaam after attending the EAC 19th Heads of State Summit in Uganda. Dr Magufuli who was received at the airport by Mwanza Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr John Mongella, Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Ms Angelina Mabulla and Mwanza CCM Regional Chairman , Mr Antony Diallo, said he was waiting for a report from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development before making the final decision on the conflict pitting the residents and the airport authority. 

President John Magufuli is welcomed upon his arrival at Mwanza Airport from Kampala-Uganda where he went to attend the 19th EAC summit of Heads of State which ended on Thursday last week.

  on his arr“I am waiting for the report from the ministry about the residents who ‘invaded’ Mwanza Airport area, but in this matter the government cannot rush to remove more than 1,900 households, instead, it will look for the best way to deal with it,” President Magufuli said.“Fortunately, the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements is here. Work on this challenge and give me the report,” the President told Ms Mabula. However, Dr Magufuli ordered the residents to refrain from carrying out any kind of development on the area embroiled in the conflict, as their fate was being worked out by the government. Earlier on, Mwanza Airport workers presented to the Head of State a number of challenges crippling the efficiency of the gateway, including encroachment of the area by 1,900 households, lack of a waiting lounge and a fence. Also in the list included the decision by aircrafts to avoid Mwanza Airport in transporting fish fillet from Mwanza to the international market, due to an increase in airport taxes charged on cargo planes. According to them, the aircrafts have been using airports in neighbouring countries for such missions, denying the government substantial revenue. However, the workers did not mention the names of such airports in the neighbouring countries through which the fish fillet cargo have been finding their way to the international market. According to the President, all other issues presented to him would be addressed, including quickly working on the airport charges that caused cargo planes to avoid Mwanza Airport. He said the aim was to enable the airport attract business which, in return, would generate revenue for the government. He also said the government will work on other requirements, including the construction of the waiting lounge and the fence around the airport area to grant it international standards

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