Thursday, February 8, 2018

No interference with councils’ land plans, says minister

Usually people think that Ministers have a monopoly to rule district councils in all matters related with their development. But the trend is in vice versa as the case is seen when the Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development ministry has affirmed that it would not interfere in the duties of the councils to prepare master plans of their areas. Instead, Deputy Minister Angeline Mabula said the ministry would focus on supervising the implementation of the land policies in the councils. The minister was responding to a question during questions and answers session in Parliament. “We have sent the master plan to the councils as catalyst for them to design the detailed master plans and bring them down to the people. The ministry will not take up this duty of the council,” she assured. She said the law provides powers to the councils to plan and ensure that the city master plans and the detailed master plans that have been approved by the ministry are preserved and distributed to the stakeholders. The councils have been carrying out this responsibility by educating and giving proper translation of the maps to the citizens in a bid to ensure that there is participatory land management and avoid unplanned settlements. She gave the statement when clarifying on the matter after Special Seats MP Lucy Magere asked the government to let the councils prepare the detailed master plans and the ministry only designs the master plan. On the other hand, Ms Magere argued that land conflicts and city planning were critical issues that needed serious intervention

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