Saturday, February 17, 2018

Buildings for Tourism institute now belongs to Bandari college

The Bandari college is running short of buildings to accommodate its students and other staff. In view of this, the government has now relieved them of the burden and has ordered them to repossess the premises with immediate effect. THE deputy Minister of Works, Transport and Communication, Engineer Atashasta Nditiye, has given a one-month ultimatum to Bandari College to take back its buildings that were given to the Tourism College. The deputy minister issued the ultimatum yesterday in Dar es Salaam during the 16th graduation ceremony of Bandari College. According to the deputy minister, some of the buildings that belonged to Bandari College were given to the Tourism College when the institution was facing shortage of buildings. “College of Tourism have their campus here in the city, so they should move there because I gave them one month to make sure all the buildings which belong to Bandari college must be returned by next month, and I will come back personally to see if the implementation was done,” he stressed. Eng Nditiye commended the college for being the best in East Africa zone in providing good port education and producing best professionals. He noted that the Bandari College was built to prepare port officials; therefore, the graduating students must be given first priority for field training at the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and other areas where there are ports in the country.  “I don’t want to see these students who have graduated today lose the chance of being selected in their field training by TPA and leave them to search in other places, that will not be good for them,” he said. Bandari College (Dar es Salaam) was established in 1980 to serve the needs of Tanzania seaports. It continued to offer training in the field of Operational Clerks, Equipment Operators and went further to conduct courses such as Operations Supervisory courses. The college also provided Vocational Education Training in Engineering. Records show that the college used to offer short courses especially the ones related to Port Productivity improvement and induction to new employees. It is estimated that over 95 per cent of the workforce in the port and maritime sub-sector were trained at the college.

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