Monday, February 19, 2018

A teacher humiliated in front of his students

It is very amusing to hear that a teacher is slapped in front of his students, this is daunting and full of humiliation under normal circumstances like what had the situation happened at KABWE Secondary School whereby the Headmaster, Mr Jackson Mussa has attacked one of his teachers, Mr Emanuel Mbemba by slapping him repeatedly in front of their students. Mr Mbemba is a form three geography teacher at the school which is located at Kabwe Ward along the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika in Nkasi district, Rukwa region. Kabwe Ward Education Officer, Mr Geoffrey Mtafya confirmed the incident which occurred on Thursday morning at the school and witnessed by score of students. Narrating the incident, Mr Mtafya said on that material morning, Mr Mbemba went to the headmaster’s office and asked permission to go with his students on a study tour along the beach of Lake Tanganyika. “The school Head asked Mr Mbemba to write an official letter asking for such permission. The latter did that and submitted the letter to the headmaster who p r o m i s e d to respond in a short while but he didn’t,” said Mr Mtafya M r Mbemba reminded his school head three times but he was told to wait b e c a u s e he (School head) was busy doing other duties. “Mr Mbemba went again and reminded his boss, who turned violent and sprung on him, gripping his (Mr Mbemba’s) neck and slapping him repeatedly. The incident was witnessed by a score of students and members of the teaching staff,” added Mr Mtafya. According to Mr Mtafya, the assaulted teacher reported the incident to one of the Teachers’ Association (CWT) official, Mr Eliya Eliya who in turn reported the matter to Kabwe Ward Executive Officer, Mr Jofrey Kazumbi. Mr Kazumbi said he then convened a meeting at the school to discuss the matter, but when confronted the headmaster denied the allegations, but admitted to squeezing (a little) Mr Mbemba’s neck. Contacted for comment, the Nkasi District Education Officer for secondary schools, Mr Abel Ntupwa gave scanty details, claiming that he has not received a detailed report of the incident

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