Thursday, June 25, 2015

Public servants to receive disaster manangement training at work places

THE department for disaster management cordination at Prime Minister’s Office has prepared training for the public  servants on how to take precautions so that they could become aware of variouis tactics to be undertaken by them once a disadter occur in their places of work. Speaking at the opening of the management of the disaster management training yesterday in Dodoma, the permanent secretary in  the  Prime Minister’s office who was represented by the director of the cordination unit Obbey Assery said that, they have started to issue such training courses to public servants and other servants would be empowered by the disaster management. “We have started with our office and later omn other servants would be followed so that we might be able to empower them with skills that would enable them be in a position to curb with any disaster at their work places”, he said. He added rthat, there has been some disasters which encountyers public servants while at work such as fire break out, earthquake and other normnal acciodents, but by having knowledge on how to curb with such disasters we can be able to reduce to a greater extent the numbert of disasters”, Assery said. Earlier when welcoming the Permanent Secrertary in Prime Minister’s Office to open the exhibition, the director of the disasterb cordination unit Brig. Gen Mduya said that, under the workers’ empopwerment programme, he has found ouytg bthat there is a nbeedc for every participant to convey such a training they have attained for the society surrounding them.  Participants of the training sessions are being trained many things that includes among others, the ‘Concept of disaster Management and the system of management in the country, the first aid in the community and how to curb with any disaster that might occur and how to take appropriate measures on bow to curb fire disasters in order be on the safe side. Such trainings are being conducted by the department of the disaster management from the Prime Minister’s officer in collaboration with the police force in the country, department of the fire brigade of the ministry of Home Affairs, and Ultimate security Ltd under the sponsorship of te United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through various projects which are being coordinated through by the early disaster preparedness management systems in the country.

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