Monday, June 8, 2015

Chadema party doubts how CCM plays faults with BVR machines

The opposition Chadema party has discovered a rough play being set by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of carrying out the registration of the people in the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) machines at night in the absence of the agents of the political parties are not there. Speaking with journalists yesterday in Dodoma, the Chadema’s zonal Director of the Organization for training and supervision Benson Kigalila, said that voters’ registration process has entered into a mess aimed at defending the ruling party during October general elections. He said one of the NEC officers in Dodoma by the name Helen Mauggo was found at a registration centre of the airport registering voters at night hours at 22:05 hours whereas her work centre is at Mlimani C. He said the alleged NEC officer was caught together with some party’s agents belonging to Chadema party busy registering people who lined up in single file and that when the Dodoma Municipal Director Agustino Kalinga was informed about such malpractice which is against the law came along with some police officers who apprehended Mauggo and other people. 

Kigaila noted that, what the registrars did is against the law and a total sabotage which seems to be a planned mission organized by the municipal officers to register people in a secret matter in favour of the ruling party CMM. He said due to such sabotages which have started to emerge, Chadema youths will start as from yesterday to escort the BVR machines after work hours up to a place where they are reserved so that it shouldn’t be easier for users to take them after work hours. “As from today we make sure that we conduct a thorough search for Helen Mauggo in all 102 registration centres and if we caught her would be taken to a police station, and you agents if you get rid of her please report to the high party’s authorities”, he said. The Secretary General of National Women Council (BAWACHA) Kumti Majala said that the voter registration work is enshrined with various challenges especially in rural areas whereby youths of 17 years and eight months who are not involved in the registration process despite of the NEC laws that have allowed them to be registered. When contacted for comments, the Dodoma Municipal Director Kalinga could not talk about it although he knows what is going on about the issue. The Dodoma Regional Police Commander (RPC) David Misime said he did not have such information and noted that all the registration matters arte entirely concerned with the municipal authorities. By the time the two leaders shun away from stating clearly where Helen was, reports which have reached this paper has it that has been hidden for her safety.

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