Monday, June 8, 2015

Kinana allows CCM aspirants to participate in debates

ONE day after the ruling CCM party suppressed public discussions conducted by its presidential aspirants, the party’s Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana has said that, they are free to participate or not to participate. Kinana said that CCM party has no mandate to suppress such public discussions convened with a view to weigh the strengths and ability of their presidential aspirants to see if they are able to contribute to an issue on development matters. Kinana said this yesterday in Bukoba district, Kagera region when talking to journalists concerning with the issue of public discussions conducted by presidential aspirants. “I have been telephoned today by presidential aspirants who wanted to know reasons why are they suppressed from participating in these public discussions and yet had already confirmed their participation to organizers of these meetings through letter writing  with a view to weigh their strengths and abilities”, he said.

The Secretary General of the ruling CCM party Abdulrahman Kinana.

However, he added that, he as a secretary has allowed them to participate whatsoever and without any compromise because the ruling party does not prepare these meetings nor does the ruling party participate. He elaborated that, when the presidential hopefuls announced their quest to contest for the highest post in the country they talked many things, and they also talked to journalists when they went to pick up forms, and even by the time they would be required to look for the sponsors would b e required to talk much about their stand, these are like discussions already. He said the ruling party cannot suppress such discussions from going on as this is one way that makes them understand the ability of their spirants, their policies and what they think about the future of this country. “The position they are contesting for is the most high in the country, and therefore Tanzanians have the right to know their views and understand them into details through these meetings, and in view of this, there is no need to suppress their movements as this is the only way people could understand them”, Kinana affirmed. Also Kinana has called on those who organizes such meetings not to be unfair and instead they should be right to build a good relationship among participants so as to avert any misunderstandings that might occur in the society.

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