Thursday, June 25, 2015

Police apprehends explosive materials

POLICE in Nyasa district in Ruvuma region in collaboration with residents of Lunyere village have succeeded to apprehend two boxes each weighs 25 kilogramme containing explosive materials. The boxes which were being transported in a motorbike from Mbinga to Lunyere had their ignites which are yet to be known. Regional Police Commander (RPC) for Ruvuma, ACP Mihayo Msikhela confirmed yesterday that, the incident happened at around morning hours at Lunyere village close to the border of Tanzania and Mozambique. Elaborating more about the incident, he said that police in the village managed to apprehend two boxes containing  explosive materials alongside ignites which were being transported on a motorbike with the registration number T 331 ADE of the m HAOJUE make by unknown person who after having seen had been spotlighted by the police, he abandoned his motorbike and ran away to unknown destination. He said the police are going on with the investigations about the matter by tracing the whereabouts of the suspect and the motorbike to establish the owner of the motorbike. Either the RPC Msikhela has called on the residents in Ruvuma region that, as there have been various incidences related to terrorism which have been reported in some parts in the country, they should be cooperative to report such incidences once are suspicious of anything unusual through a cell phone number 0715009956. Meanwhile a truck driver belonging to a road construction company of China Railways seventh Group (CRSG) Godwin Katigula (36) has died instantly after the truck which he was driving veered off the road and overturned. ACP Msikhela confirmed the incident and said that, the accident occurred at around 15:30 in the afternoon at Mchomoro village in Namtumbo village. He said the truck with the registration number T345 BPP of the Benben make which belongs to a road construction currently constructing a stretch of road between Namtumbo and Tunduru in a tarmac level, that it overturned due to a high speed the driver has been driving an aspect that caused his death instantly. He further noted that, up to now the body of the deceased has been preserved at a mortuary of the government designated of Namtumbo district hospital waiting for recognition from relatives. Either Commander Msikhela said that, police in the district is appealing to all drivers and other motor in drivers in the district to be careful and observe the traffic signs on the road while driving so as to avert any possible accidents that might overcome them.

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