Monday, June 1, 2015

Lowassa: Tanzania is not poor, announces intention to contest for presidency

At last the former Prime Minister and a Member of Parliament for Monduli juu Edward Ngoai Lowassa has officially announced to the general public his intention to contest for the presidency in the coming general election slated in October later this year. He made the announcement on  Saturday last week in Arusha at a public rally which was televised in a television show being transmitted live from Amri Abeid Memorial stadium in Arusha city and was attended by various Members of Parliament of the ruling party and some other eminent personalities who included Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru. Others who attended were former Chief Secretary Paul Rupia, former Minister for Lands and Human Settlements Professor Anna Tibaijuka, and former cabinet minister Bakari Mwapachu who served his tenure during first, second and third phase governments. In his speech which was being constantly paused by a thunderous cloud,  Lowassa asked the ruling party to select him a sole candidate who would flag off the ruling party ticket for the presidential race which is to be held the 5th under multiparty democracy later in October this year. Among the most important thing the former premier noted is where he reminded Tanzanians in his speech when he said that Tanzania is not poor, only that there is no proper work plans that could make use of the resources available is what drives Tanzania into extreme poverty stricken situation. During his speech, Lowassa reiterated his call to promote education for all Tanzanians and queried the rationale as to why Tanzania is so poor and yet it has all the resources like rivers, national parks, Ocean, minerals, and many others which he noted are enough to ward off the persisting poverty stricken situation among Tanzanians. 

Former Prime Minister and a Member of Parliament for Monduli juu Edward Ngoai Lowassa

However, he said that what is needed in order to accomplish people’s desire is to introduce a firm decision making with a view to ensure efficiency and effectiveness at work places so as to increase productivity. Earlier in his introductory remarks, Lowassa noted that the yesterday’s occasion had his lifetime achievement as it was the second time he is introducing his idea to the ruling party to select him to contest for the presidential seat.  The first time he said was during the first multi-party election which took place in 1995, when he picked forms for selection unfortunately could not be selected indeed. However he said that after ten years of the third phase, he couldn’t pick the forms as he concentrated to campaign for his friend Jakaya Kikwete. Among the priorities he noted if selected to vie for the presidency and wins the seat, Lowassa noted that he would ensure that all the national resources such as gas and minerals are controlled by local individuals. The issue of persistent un  employment rate among youths in the country is among the core issues that he promised to tackle and create a conducive environment for small scale business people such as Mama Ntilie, Bodaboda drivers and machingas who toils under the scotches heat of the sun.  “I am contesting for presidency so that I night help Tanzanians get out of poverty stricken situation which is possible through proper planning”, he said amid applaud from the cloud. On his part, a veteran CCM cadre and a custodian of the ruling party, Kingunge Ngombale Mwiru, praised Lowassa’as a right candidate as he is the one who is mostly loved by the people in the country. Kingunge recalled the recent saying by President Kikwete when addressing a public rally in Dodoma  recently that Tanzanians have an ample opportunity to choose a Tanzanian who is loved and who seem to be capable of solving their problems wherever necessary.

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