Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drilling for sustained water supply, a move towards the success of Kilimo Kwanza

INITIATIVES which have been adopted by the Tanzania government towards ensuring an effective implementation of the program known as “Kilimo Kwanza” in the country may hit a snag if proper strategic plans to run with the programs are not put in place.
Despite of the government’s efforts to prioritize the development of the agricultural sector in the country, there are some important points which have to be taken into account in order to make the idea of Kilimo Kwanza more successful. Agricultural experts have noticed that, the mere supply of the agricultural implements and machineries such as tractors is not only a solution to end the problem of agriculture in the country. In addition of the introduction of such tractors, technical knowledge is required to run the machine, and because of ignorance a substantial number of them would not be used for the intended purpose for lacking operators. Apart from tractors, there are some important basic necessities which if followed, would make this more successful. There is one area which seems to have been forgotten in a bid to achieve the desired goals with this idea that aims at improving agricultural activities into yielding more foodstuffs in the country.

Modern types of water drilling machines, known as Rig machines are important for borehole drilling so as to get water for irrigation purposes, this is one way to promote Kilimo Kwanza in the country.

Although everyone in the country is now aware of the progresses undertaken so far by the government towards ensuring an effective implementation of Kilimo Kwanza, the individual participation in the program is an important aspect for the national development. Experts have noted that, the use of drilled water from boreholes, is an essential category for the development of the program. However, seemingly, it’s very unfortunate that campaigns for the issue does not advocate with much efforts the availability of water supply in most parts of the country. Unlike surface water supplies, drilling water is essential to boost the Kilimo Kwanza as there are some parts of the country which still depends largely on seasonal rains, while there are some which do not have water at all, therefore the availability of drilled water in boreholes is essential for use. Large areas, especially in reserve settlements are remotely located and far from urban centers. It’s from these regions whereby the greater percentage of the country’s population lives and most of whom entirely depends on agricultural activities. In order to make their agricultural activities more sustainable, coupled with the practice of the water irrigation schemes wherever there is low rainfall distribution levels, agricultural experts have seen the need to construct boreholes for irrigation in order to cater for the need of water scarcity. Therefore, it’s imperative to see that water is given the first priority in the manifestation of the Kilimo Kwanza program, and just like any other initiatives, boreholes are more appropriate to cater for the need in this case. Since most parts of the country especially in rural areas are not well distributed by rainy water, an additional knowledge to innovate other means such as having boreholes is required to supplement water for irrigation in those areas. It is therefore important to note that, for these people to survive, they have to boost their agricultural activities. But plenty of water is essential for irrigation in order to succeed. Because of their geographical locations, drilling water is the solution to make a successful implementation of the Kilimo Kwanza as water would be made available all the time. Water experts also says that, the government’s integration with private sector companies in various development projects, is one way to ensure an economic gain as a result of the participation of private sector companies. Their participation contributes a lot to the development of the country’s economy. Drilling companies owned by individuals, private institutions and civil societies must be associated into boosting up the Kilimo Kwanza by way of participating in the construction of boreholes. However, the government must take a keen interest to ensure the exercise yields more fruit into achieving the targeted goals.

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The government must take a keen interest to ensure the exercise yields more fruit into achieving the targeted goals..
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