Saturday, November 13, 2010

Supplying modern quality building materials

QUALITY assurance in building materials has now become the issue of the great significance in construction industry and that is why key stakeholders within the sector have taken a keen interest on the issue to ensure that, construction sector is supplied with genuine and high quality products that not only satisfies customers’ demand, but are safe for use. In view of this, both manufacturers and suppliers of building products have to ensure that they use applied technology, knowledge and experience they have gathered so as to spruce up the sector and achieve their success. Such one company which has adhered to quality specifications is a Dar es Salaam based Shamo Industries and Construction Company which has a long history of development since its establishment almost four decades ago. The company has a good success dating back from the year 1972 when it commenced business and has put down the record of good performance in its products it mainly engaged with. The firm deals in the manufacture and supply of aluminium frames, interlocking paving blocks, roof tiles, PVC windows and doors industries. Shamo Industries and Construction company was originally established in 1972 in Mogadishu-Somalia with the purpose of manufacturing construction materials such as sanitary ware and various concrete products that are made up of cement product. From Somalia, the company extended its production services to Sharjan in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) and opened a plant specifically for the PVC products (Polyvinyl Chloride), aluminum frames doors and windows, curtain wall and fatial glazing followed later.

Paving blocks manufactured by Shamo Industries & Construction company at a company’s factory in Mbezi industrial complex on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam city.

Twenty years later (that is in 1992), the company opened a Tanzanian chapter and was officially incorporated to run its businesses in the various lines of its specialization. Products included the sale of high quality paving blocks, roof tiles and concrete products.
The company started by opening up a showroom and an assembly shop in Upanga in Dar es Salaam basing their main factory at Kiwalani on the outskirts of the Dar es Salaam city centre. In 1996, the firm opened its main business office at Mbezi beach industrial area also on the outskirts of the city. The objective was to avail to the public high quality building materials at an affordable price says the company’s Managing Director Mr. Said .A. Shamo. According to him, his firm offers employment and above all it’s determined to become a key player in the manufacturing and sale of construction materials in Tanzania. Shamo Industries Limited has a long history of a good success dating back from 1972 when it commenced business in Tanzania, The company’s management is headed by the ever-innovative and customer friendly, staff of the company who are tuned and committed at providing customer care with the best quality products and services. With the invaluable 38 years of hard work and continuous investments and research in latest technology and skilled manpower, the firm has traveled a long and rewarding path and in the process, it has registered a steady growth.

Roofing tiles manufactured by Shamo Industries & Construction Ltd.

For the last two decades, the company has witnessed tremendous pace and boom in infrastructure development in the construction sector which has assumed a key centre stage that sparks a positive impact to the company’s socio-economic development. Under the years of its operations in the country, the company has acquired an admirable track record of rendering satisfactory services to their customers on demand. Apart from being the leading manufacturer of concrete products, the company is also importing items for building purposes like tiles and sanitary ware. Apart from concrete materials, Shamo Industries Ltd proud itself for being the best provider of architectural aluminum doors, windows and office partitions, the company has laid down a success story in its endeavors of their manufacturing to international quality standards. The firm also supplies fixing suspended ceiling. Shamo Industries Limited has a unique history in Tanzania for the company’s technicians were the ones who prepared the mausoleum in which the body of the late father of the nation, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was temporarily preserved during the last paying respect ceremonies at the national stadium in Dar es Salaam when he died in October 1999.

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