Saturday, November 13, 2010

Newly constructed building for TIGO headquarter is in final touches

THE newly constructed building which will be the headquarter for TIGO Mobile phone operating company in Tanzania is about to open its doors. The building which is located at Kijitonyama suburb along New Bagamoyo Road opposite National Museum village is known as “Derm Complex” is owned by a Dar es Salaam based Derm Electrics (T) company limited. The building with 10 floors stands in an area that covers 4,400 square meters, and will serve as the headquarter of the TIGO mobile phone operating company contracted for 20 years with a renewable 5 years terms. The project is estimated to have cost approximately Tsh. 3.5 billion. The presence of the building which is in final touches makes the Kijitonyama suburb a hub of business for its fine looking and the highest quality standards among other things, an aspect that hopefully raises the quality and the value of the surrounding. The project which is being undertaken by a locally registered Dar es Salaam based Civil and Building Contractors, Casco Construction Limited, started in January 2009. The building exhibits more contemporary architectural design plan of a modern style that looks so unique from the top to the bottom with a structured glazing on three sides.

A newly constructed building for TIGO new head office along New Bagamoyo Road opposite Makumbusho village in Dar es Salaam.

Glass materials have been used in the building for external wall finishing to specifically enhancing aesthetic beauty on its fa├žade as well as on the elevations. The wall cladding looks bluish if viewed from a far distance. Both sides of the building is decorated by glass curtail wall and these have been fixed in aluminum frames and the work was done by a Dar es Salaam based Glass Works Limited. The supervision of the construction details of the building was done by a locally registered architect known as Y & P Architect Ltd based in Dar es Salaam. Besides supervision, the firm designed the whole building including interior design work. Detailing the overall building project, the architects says that, the elaboration of the interior design concepts were adopted to express the status of the compound and its location and maximizing space. This was influenced by the need to maximize the available thin space while creating an interesting and unique development project. In all this, costs were the main consideration at the same time maintaining a pleasant up-market aesthetically beautiful scenery conforming to its strategic location.

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